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Passenger Rear- BRAND NEW OEM Honda S2000 Spindle - copy

If you track your S2000 often or love to hit those curbs, you'll want to replace those fatigued spindles. Start fresh with these genuine OEM Honda spindles. Also- We can press in new bearings and hubs before shipping. Email us after purchasing.

ACT Honda S2000 Clutch Release Bearing

With the OEM Bearing being worth gold and makings its way to the discontinued list, this has been our go-to release bearing.

Wisefab Honda S2000 Rear Suspension Drop Knuckle Kit

Honda S2000 is a well designed car for enthusiast drivers. The car performs well on the streets and can be driven fast on a race track. If the focus is more towards performance, then the car will drive even better with lowered ride height, but then the factory designed kinematics won’t work as they are supposed to. Wisefab S2000 suspension kit brings the roll center, bump steer and camber gain back to normal range, providing better roll stiffness, better handling and grip.

Blink Marine 4 Key CANopen Keypad

Control your Hardwire PDM or other CAN bus enabled devices with the Blink Marine 4 button keypad. We pre-program all of our keypads and label them with the appropriate CANBus Speed and ID. Will work with AIM, Hardwire, HTG GCU, and many other CANbus enabled PDM's.

Domi-Works DCT Billet Oil Pan

A direct replacement oil pan for the DCT Gearbox. Made out of one-piece high graded aluminum and anodized black for the most premium experience. The pan sits a few mm lower then stock and holds 25% more oil volume then OEM pan. Integrated baffle design for improved oil volume control. Serrated outer surface to improve cooling capacity. Features reusable Viton O-ring gasket, no need to change gasket if pan is removed, DomiWorks aluminium DCT Oil Pan plug with integrated magnet. Mounting boss to be able to mount the OEM magnet. Magnet is taken from OEM pan. Features three mounting holes if you want to use OEM heat shields. Includes all mounting hardware required. Fits all BMW DCT Gearboxes.

Domi-Works DCT Oil Cooler Adapter

DCT Oil Cooler Adapter Converts the gearbox oil outputs to two AN8 threaded output, thread ¾-16. Use any ORB8 fittings to whatever output your application finds suitable (AN6, AN8, AN10 etc.) Made of high grade aluminum and anodized black for premium feel and experience. Includes new orings and M8 bolt. Fits all BMW DCT Gearboxes. It is important to note that the transmission fluid should not exceed 140°C.

Domi-Works DCT Output flange adapter to 1350 4Bolt

DOMIWORKS DCT OUTPUT FLANGE ADAPTER Converts the output flange from 3-hole hardy disc pattern to 4-bolt 1350 Yoke pattern to utilize a CV joint. Made of aluminium and anodized black. Includes all mounting hardware necessary. Works with SPICER #3-2-119 and equivalent yokes Fits all BMW DCT Gearboxes with a 110mm PCD on the output flange. 135/335 E-series DCT Gearboxes has a 105mm PCD.

Domi-Works DCT Parking Lock Delete

DCT Park Lock Delete Permanently unlocks the internal parking mechanism. Made of high graded aluminum, black anodization. Includes bolt and locking circlip. Fits all BMW DCT Gearboxes.

Domi-Works DCT Kit- Honda K Series to DCT Dual Mass Flywheel

DOMIWORKS HONDA K20/K24 DMF TO S55/S65 DCT ADAPTER KIT Honda K20/K24 with dual-mass-flywheel to S55 or S65 DCT Adapter Kit Adapter kit to fit a BMW S55 or S65 gearbox to a Honda K20/K24 engine to be used with a dual mass flywheel. Fits S55 or S65 DCT Gearbox. The spline disc is universal and can be used for both gearboxes, however you will have to mount it on correct side to get it to mate correctly. Adapter made out of high grade aluminum and natural anodized for a premium feel and experience. Spline disc DCT coupler is made of high strength steel (SS2541). Adapter kit includes: - DCT Adapter plate - DCT coupler hub for S55 or S65 to be used with dual-mass-flywheel - Optional: Dual-mass-flywheel - Mounting hardware such as bolts and dowels Installation Instructions - Coming soon

ADAMAT Performance DCT Flywheel with Sprung Hub for Honda K Series

ADAMAT Performance DCT Flywheel with Sprung Hub for Honda K Series New, has never been installed. Comes with flywheel bolts. When doing a DCT swap, you need some sort of torsional vibration damper between the engine and the clutch baskets. For some engines, a dual mass flywheel can be used, but if going for extreme power and/or revs, you may exceed the limits of a factory DMF. This would be the ideal solution.

DomiWorks Engineering DCT Wiring Kit

The DomiWorks Engineering DCT Wiring Kit is a wiring kit especially developed for the BMW Getrag DCT Gearbox and HTG-Tuning GCU. This kit is hand built inhouse at DomiWorks Engineering, its made out of high end genuine motorsport graded goods and concentric twisted for a premium thin and light experience. Made with the correct DMC crimpers and tools. A selection of components in our harnesses is : - Spec55 Wires - DR-25 heat shrink tube - Deutsch Autosport connectors

DomiWorks Universal Paddle Shift Kit DCT/8HP/PDK

DomiWorks Ultra-low-profile shifter reaching only 19mm high. A billet CNC housing of high graded aluminum features our in-house developed microswitch board using an OEM microswitch specifically designed for applications like these. Microswitch is IP67 rated and expected life cycle is one million (1000000) cycles.