For larger projects ($1k+), we typically recommend a consultation.  This ensures we are both on the same page and build you the package that you have in mind.  During the consult we go over your goals, application, and budget.  From here we can then put together a package the best fits you.  This saves everyone time AND money by going down the correct path the first time.

ASM offers a variety of services.  From the basic tire changes, alignments, and track prep to full track car builds including custom wiring, tuning, engine/trans swaps, and everything in between. Beyond just our in-shop services, we also do trackside support and coaching.

ASM-coach- More than just a right seat passenger.  Let ASM help make you a safer and faster driver.  Through the help of video, data, and co-driving/riding, we will give you the tools you need.  Let ASM teach you the ways that will echo in your driving for all future events.  Contact us for pricing/availability.

ASM-At The Track-  Looking to maximize your track time?  This is for you.  We can help prevent failures costing you missed track time.  We can provide a package that fits your needs.  From transport, tools, and spares to video and data, we'll be there to keep you on track (pun intended).  Contact us for pricing/availability.

ASM-Complete-  Unlike most performance shops, ASM is there to oversee your entire project.  From the first planning stage, to testing, to delivery, and anything and everything in between.  Its more than just bolting on parts.  Creating a complete package that works well for your application can get complicated.  Let ASM help.  Contact us today for a consultation.

Shop rate- $155/hr
Dyno rate- $185-250/hr

Custom Alignment and/or Corner weighting- $150-350

Contact us for additional info and to setup an appointment.  We’d be happy to talk more prior to your service