ASM is not your typical auto service shop. Our focus is creating a healthy relationship between us and our clients, developing trust which will resonate for all future services together.  We at ASM really want to understand and get to know our clients.  This is the key to meeting the clients expectations.

ASM’s primary focus is working on cars with a purpose.  We are a performance shop, and work on cars that are intended to be used for such.  ALL cars we work on are for off-road use only and not intended for street use.

ASM TRACK Services-
Looking to maximize your track experience?  Let ASM help keep you in the driver seat.  From pre-event prep, trackside support, to driver coaching, we have the tools and resources to ensure you’re getting the most valuable seat time possible.

Honda S2000 Services-
Over the years we at ASM have become very familiar with the Honda S2000.  Theres no job we cant handle when it comes to these cars.

Other Shop Services-
Shop rate- $155/hr
Dyno rate- $185-250/hr
Performance Alignments- $125-250
Corner Weight add-on- $150
Tire changes- $100/set [subject to more for certain tires/wheels]

Want to become an ASM Client? Please send us an email [].  Please include a little about you and your car, the service you’re requesting, and what goals you are seeking to achieve with your car.

Contact us for additional info and to setup an appointment.  We’d be happy to talk more prior to your service