We’ve become very familiar with the S2000 chassis over the years.  From simple to complete track builds, we have the experience to build the S2k you desire.

K series engine swap-  While the F20/22 engine is good, there are some drawbacks.  The biggest issue is cost and availability as compared to the K series.  Then there comes the need to keep rev’s high on the F to stay inside its power band.  The K24 can provide more torque while still giving you the high rev’ing power of the F.  We’ve performed this swap on several S2000’s now logging thousands of track miles.  We’ve went through the trials and figured out what really works and what doesn’t.  Let us know what your intended use is along with power goals and we’ll help figure out the package for you.  Typical K swap cost with parts and labor will in $7500+.  The cost will vary depending on the current state of your chassis and what power/mods you want performed at the time of the swap.   Contact us for a consultation.

Suspension-  The S2000 is very good out of the box, but it can be better depending on your intended application.   For a track specific car, we’d recommend full sphericals to reduce any suspension bind or deflection.  However this same suspension wouldn’t be very ideal for a street car.  Not only will it transmit every bump and crack in the road right into your spine, but the bearings will wear out and require much more frequent servicing.  After bushings, a good set of coilovers will go a long way.  We’ve worked with Reinharte Suspension to build us a set of coilovers to match a few different S2 suspension recipes. If you are interested in our ASM spec suspension, shoot us a message via Contact Us.

S2000 Reinharte R1 ASM Spec