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ASM Service- Modified S2000 Engine Harness for K20/24 to AEM Infinity or Haltech Elite.

Looking for the easy button? This is it. Send us your stock S2000 Engine harness and we'll convert it to run a K series with an AEM Infinity or a Haltech Elite 1500. No jumpers, no adapters. Typical turn around time is 2-3 weeks. Email us for more info/questions.

Rywire Specific 00-05 S2000 Chassis Adapter [Use Only With RyWire Engine Harness]

This 00-05 Chassis jumper is used with the Rywire K Series Engine Harness. Does not work with OEM K20 Engine Harnesses.

RyWire K-Series Rear Wheel Drive Engine Harness, Milspec

Rywire 02-04 K-Series RWD Mil-Spec Eng Harness w/02-04 Wiring/K-Pro ECU/S2K Trans/K-Series TB/Intake To complete your Kswap wiring, you'll need to use the Rywire specific chassis jumper.

AEM Infinity 5 Series Wiring Harness Plug & Pin Kit

AEM Infinity 5 Plug & Pin Kit. Includes 80 pin connector with cover, 80 small pins, 1 micro relay with pins and 30 sealing plugs

TPS Adapter jumper harness, K to 00-05 S2 (B Series) plug

Running a K series engine harness but using your stock S2000 (00-05) throttle body? You will need to convert the TPS Connector to the older B series style. Or just use this quick and easy jumper/adapter. plug in and go.

AEM 5 Series Infinity-6/8h Mini-Harness. Pre-wired power, grounds, power relay, fuse box, single wideband & AEMnet.

Want to make your own engine harness? Here's a head start. Flying lead harness pre-wired with power/grounds, Wideband, AEMnet, and ECU Connector kit.

Haltech AMP 26 & 34 Pin 4 Row 3 Keyway Superseal Connector Set Plug & Pins

Haltech AMP 26 & 34 Pin 4 Row 3 Keyway Superseal Connector Set Plug & Pins Suits: E8/11, PS1000/2000 and Elite 1000-2500 ECUs.

Haltech Elite 1500 8ft Premium Universal Wire-In Harness

HARNESS OVERVIEW Ideal for dedicated race cars, engine swaps and custom wiring jobs. The Universal Wire-in Harness has a set of ECU connectors at one end and unterminated wires at the other. All the wires at the unterminated end are colour coded and clearly labelled. Connect your Haltech ECU to the terminated end and follow your wiring diagram for all the engine connections. Load your base map and you're ready to go! Colour coded and labelled wires that match the detailed wiring diagram for a confusion free construction process. The wiring diagram is accompanied by the full ECU manual and Software located on the CD or USB key provided with the ECU to refer to while completing your installation and configuration. HARNESS FEATURES This harness when installed in conjunction with a Haltech Elite ECU opens the door to virtually limitless performance modification and tuning of your vehicle. Fully programmable systems allow you to extract all the performance from your engine by delivering precisely the required amount of fuel and ignition timing that your engine requires for maximum output under all operating conditions. Includes: Firewall grommet, moulded 6 power circuit Haltech fuse box and lid. 4 relays, 7 fuses and pins for the 2 spare power circuits.

Elite 1000/1500 Plug'n'Play Adaptor Harness for Honda S2000

Suits: Honda S2000 AP1 (00-04), AP2 (05) non-DBW Includes: Plug'n'Play adaptor harness, M14 x 1.5 air temp sensor with matching plug and pins, auxiliary I/O 16 Pin Tyco plug and pins. Notes: Non Drive-By-Wire (DBW) application only. ADAPTOR OVERVIEW This adaptor plugs directly into your Haltech Elite ECU and has a set of factory connectors on the other side which plug straight into the factory harness. A quick and easy plug'n'play upgrade solution. A simple Haltech Plug'n'Play product that allows plugs directly into your car's factory harness. The quick start guide will walk you through installation of the Haltech Plug'n'Play adaptor into your vehicle. When purchased as a kit with a Haltech ECU, this product is accompanied by the full ECU manual and Software located on the CD or USB key.

Rywire 00-05 Honda S2000 RWD Chassis Adapter

Running the RSX Engine Harness/ECU? This is the chassis adapter to plug it into your S2000. Only works for 2000-2005 year S2000's. IF USING RYWIRE ECU HARNESS- you will use the other Rywire Specific Jumper Harness.

AiM 4Port CAN Data Hub

Looking to run multiple AIM CAN devices- You'll most likely need this. If using the AiM PDM's, you'll need this to run additional CAN devices beyond the AiM GPS.

Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Sensor Only

Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Replacement Sensor Only