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RyWire Budget Tucked K-Series Engine Harness

Rywire Honda K-Series Tucked Budget Engine Harness w/OBD2 02-04 RSX K20 Sensors (VSS by Firewall) (Requires Chassis Adapter) Version 2 of the Rywire K-series engine harness was created to facilitate a more universal chassis, and harness routing preference. This style can be routed more like the OEM k-series engine harness through the center or more to the right on the firewall than it's Version 1 counterpart. This routing method is ideal for our (RHD) Right Hand Drive customers however NOT exclusive to RHD chassis and does work fine on a LHD chassis. Version 2 is also routed in a way that allows you to get around aggressive headers

RyWire K-Series Rear Wheel Drive Engine Harness, Milspec

Rywire 02-04 K-Series RWD Mil-Spec Eng Harness w/02-04 Wiring/K-Pro ECU/S2K Trans/K-Series TB/Intake

AEM 5 Series Infinity-6/8h Wiring Harness Plug & Pin Kit

AEM Infinity-6/8h Plug & Pin Kit. Includes 80 pin connector with cover, 80 small pins, 1 micro relay with pins and 30 sealing plugs

AEM 5 Series Infinity-6/8h Mini-Harness. Pre-wired power, grounds, power relay, fuse box, single wideband & AEMnet.

Want to make your own engine harness? Here's a head start. Flying lead harness pre-wired with power/grounds, Wideband, AEMnet, and ECU Connector kit.