S2000 Hawk ER-1 Front Brake Pads HB361D.622

SKU: HB361D.622
Hawk's new ER-1 compound brake pads for OEM S2 brake setup. Designed specifically for endurance racing.
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Hawk ER-1 Endurance Racing Brake Pads are developed by Hawk Performance for the endurance racing market with one simple goal: offer a higher coefficient of friction than competing endurance pads, while maintaining matched or improved lifespan.

Years of testing across America's most prestigious races has resulted in a well-rounded compound that offers ideal modulation and pedal communication, with groundbreaking friction stability across a thermal range as high as 1,600°F. This consistency of performance, hour after hour, makes Hawk ER-1 Endurance Racing Brake Pads ideal for the most intense sports car racing environments.

Features & Benefits-

  • Superior pad and rotor wear
  • Consistent, medium to high friction
  • Specific emphasis on modulation, release, and pedal communication
  • Ideal for light- to medium-weight vehicles in HPDE, track day events, time trials or endurance racing
  • 400° - 1,600°F operating temperature range
  • 700° - 1,100°F optimal temperature range