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OEM Clutch Disc X ACT HD Pressure Plate COMBO

Looking to hold that extra torque from the K24 Swap? This is your answer! Drives like a stock S2 with a little heavier clutch feel, but also not overly aggressive sending more shock to the rest of the driveline. This is the combo we use on all of our N/A K24 track cars.

S2000 OEM Clutch Disc Only

OEM Honda S2000 Clutch Disc Only. Honda Part# 22200-PCX-055 This is our recommended choice for all basic n/a S2000's (Kswap or stock F). A more aggressive clutch setup will transmit more shock and harmonics to the rest of the driveline. Keeping an OEM clutch setup will help buffer that shock.

Clutch Masters Steel K2F Flywheel

Clutch Masters Steel K Swap Flywheel designed to work with the adapter plate and a K series engine to S2 transmission. We strongly recommend the steel flywheel over the aluminum on K24's that are spending a lot of time in the higher RPM's. The long stroke of an inline 4 produce some intense harmonics that can result in transmitting those harmonics into your clutch, or even worse, cause loose/broken flywheel bolts. DO NOT USE your S2000 flywheel bolts. They are too long and will bottom out before properly fastening. We sell the correct bolts.

Kswap Flywheel Bolts, OEM Honda

These are the correct OEM Flywheel bolts to be used with the KSwap Clutchmaster adapter flywheel. Includes set of 8 bolts.

Karcepts S2000 Rear Billet hubs, PAIR

The OE S2000 rear wheel hubs are unfortunately a weak point when combined with track use and meaty tire setups. The primary failure point is from the lightening cut-outs on the backside of an already thin hub flange. Karcepts S2000 Rear Hubs are filled in solid and built with an increased flange thickness. Rotor retention screw holes have also been eliminated. These 3 simple geometric adjustments have reduced stresses by two-fold over the OE units. Along with design optimization, Karcepts hubs are machined from chromoly steel and heat treated for an even greater endurance limit. Direct replacement for Honda 42210-S2A-000 Solid 8.75mm thick hub flange (9% thicker than OE) CNC turned from billet chromoly steel Oil quenched and tempered for improved fatigue strength Precision ground bearing journals Maintains OE rotor-centric attributes and offset Fits all 00-09 Honda S2000 without modification Wheel studs not included Sold in pairs

ATS Carbon Hybrid LSD2way, 00-09 Honda S2000 w/Reinforced ring gear bolts.

This is the LSD of choice with our Time Attack and GLTC Race cars. We can help determine what setup of the LSD would be a good starting point given your car's power levels, type of driving, and tires used. Need install help? Send us a message to arrange service.

S2000 ACT Pressure Plate ONLY

ACT 2000 Honda S2000 P/PL Heavy Duty Clutch Pressure Plate. For 250-400whp range, use this ACT pressure plate with an OEM stock S2 clutch disc for a near OEM like drivability.

Timken S2000 Wheel bearing, each

S2000 OE replacement wheel bearings. Sold individually. TIMKEN 510050

ARP Honda M12x2.85inch Wheel Studs, 5Pack

ARP 80-00 Honda M12x2.85inch 5 Wheel Stud Kit Replacing your wheel bearings? Might as well install some fresh studs at the same time. Sold in packs of 5.

Torque Solution S2000 Axle Half Shaft Spacers

Is your S2000 starting to shake under power or even light load? What about when cornering? This is the quick and easy fix. Axle spacers will push the axle cup further inwards giving it a nice fresh surface. Install time of 10-20 minutes and get back to enjoying that smooth Vtec again.

OEM Honda S2000 Clutch Release Bearing

NEW OEM Honda 22810-PCY-003 Bearing, Clutch Release

Honda 21103-PCY-003 Guide, Release Bearing

Is your clutch pedal feeling a little funny? This could be your issue. If left ungreased (or using the wrong grease) the clutch release bearing will wear at this guide. If you've got 150+ miles on your S2000, you may want to just replace this if you're already pulling the trans for a new clutch.

OEM Honda AP1 Clutch Slave Cylinder, 46930-S2A-003

Is your AP2 slipping the clutch on fast shifts? upgrade to this AP1 Slave and ditch that delay valve. Do be warned- the delay valve has a purpose, and its to reduce shock to your drivetrain.

S2000 ACT HD/Race Clutch kit.

ACT Honda S2000 HD/Race Sprung 6 Pad Clutch Kit Spline Size (Inches):1-1/32 Disc Type:Race Disc Disc Diameter (Inches):8.3 Spline Count:24 Product Weight (lbs.):13.9 Disc Diameter (Millimeters):212 Pressure Plate Type: Heavy Duty Torque Capacity Over OE:78% Torque Capacity (ft/lbs.): 475 Disc Material:Ceramic Input Shaft Diameter:1/1/1932 Input Spline Quantity:24

Exedy OE 2000-2009 Honda S2000 Clutch Kit

Exedy OE Replacement Clutch Kit, 2000-2009 S2000 Exedy Part Number: KHC06

Driver Rear- BRAND NEW OEM Honda S2000 Spindle

If you track your S2000 often or love to hit those curbs, you'll want to replace those fatigued spindles. Start fresh with these genuine OEM Honda spindles. Also- We can press in new bearings and hubs before shipping. Email us after purchasing.

Passenger Rear- BRAND NEW OEM Honda S2000 Spindle - copy

If you track your S2000 often or love to hit those curbs, you'll want to replace those fatigued spindles. Start fresh with these genuine OEM Honda spindles. Also- We can press in new bearings and hubs before shipping. Email us after purchasing.

ACT Honda S2000 Clutch Release Bearing

With the OEM Bearing being worth gold and makings its way to the discontinued list, this has been our go-to release bearing.