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Zebulon Carbon Fiber Modular Diffuser Tunnel, Pair.

ZEBULON CARBON FIBER MODULAR SPLITTER DIFFUSER SET Bare Carbon. [Clear version available, +$100]

Zebulon Carbon Fiber Side Skirts

Available from 69 to 78 inches long. This is a universal component that will require a custom mounting solution.

Zebulon Front Splitter - S2000

Built to order- Cars make lift – this is an undeniable fact of life that we all must manage when building a race car. An ideal solution is adding a Zebulon designed and manufactured Front Splitter to counteract lift and generate downforce on the front end of the car. This downforce increases the grip force your tires can generate - both in braking and cornering - increasing your car's overall performance level.

Zebulon MSC S2000 Ultra High Efficiency Wing.

Downforce comes at a cost,...Drag. This wing is designed to give your S2 that rear end grip and stability every S2000 needs without reducing those straight line speeds down the straight. This true motorsports grade wing is 67in long and 10.5in wide cord, and comes with mount/uprights to bolt to the S2000 fender (NOT THE TRUNK).