S2000 K series A/C Compressor + Relocation Lines

SKU: S2-ACkit
Includes a NEW Reman AC Compressor. Honda 00-09 S2000 A/C Hose Relocation Kit.
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AC Relocation lines to run behind engine and under intake manifold.  Perfect for turbo applications or to simply hide the factory AC Lines.

New REMANUFACTURED AC Compressor for Honda K Series engine.  Bolts to OE locations on a K series.  Does require some modifications to the steering rack and engine mounts(Hasport mounts).  [Modify at your own risk, Instructions included]

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K Series Exhaust Flange

Want to use that stock S2000 header? This is our preferred choice when doing a 250hp or less K Swap. Cut off that F series flange, cut the two inner runners, clock them just a touch outwards, and weld that all back together. Do it all correctly and you have perfect OEM fitment.

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