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Haltech WB1 Bosch - Single Channel CAN O2 Wideband Controller Kit

The ideal CAN expansion accessory for all Elite Series ECUs. Includes: Single Channel, CAN Wideband Controller, 4.9LSU Sensor, CAN Cable (4'/1200mm), Power Supply Cable, Weld-on Bung, Quick Start Guide.

Honda 50 degree VTC Cam Gear

Brand New OEM Genuine Honda 50° intake cam gear.

Moton Suspension 2-Way Clubsport, Honda S2000

When you need the best, this is what you go with. Through years development and playing with different shocks, springs, valving, and setups, the Moton Clubsports are the ones to get when you want the best. These have proven many times over to be the best suspension improvement on many of our track cars.

Moton Suspension Non Remote, Single Adjustable S2000

The new NON-Remote, Single Adjustable Moton Coilover Package for your Honda S2000. Inspired and setup based off our clubsport package, we're excited to offer this much more affordable kit that requires less tuning and more driving. Springs and top hats all included.

NEW- OEM Honda K-Series Alternator [No Core Required]

These are BRAND NEW (NOT Remanufactured) OEM Honda Alternators. These fit the USDM K24 water pump housing. NO CORE REQUIRED

OEM Clutch Disc X ACT HD Pressure Plate COMBO

Looking to hold that extra torque from the K24 Swap? This is your answer! Drives like a stock S2 with a little heavier clutch feel, but also not overly aggressive sending more shock to the rest of the driveline. This is the combo we use on all of our N/A K24 track cars.

S2 HAWK-Track-Pack Brake Kit

Don't hit the track without upgrading your brake pads/fluid! This is the Go-To kit when using the stock OEM Brakes and the same stuff we use on our GLTC S2000's. Includes Front and Rear Rotors. Hawk ER1 Front and Rear Brake Pads 2 Bottles of Hawk660 Racing Brake Fluid.

S2000 OEM Clutch Disc Only

OEM Honda S2000 Clutch Disc Only. Honda Part# 22200-PCX-055 This is our recommended choice for all basic n/a S2000's (Kswap or stock F). A more aggressive clutch setup will transmit more shock and harmonics to the rest of the driveline. Keeping an OEM clutch setup will help buffer that shock.

Zebulon Carbon Fiber Modular Diffuser Tunnel, Pair.

ZEBULON CARBON FIBER MODULAR SPLITTER DIFFUSER SET Bare Carbon. [Clear version available, +$100]

Zebulon Carbon Fiber Side Skirts

Available from 69 to 78 inches long. This is a universal component that will require a custom mounting solution.

Zebulon Front Splitter - S2000

Built to order- Cars make lift – this is an undeniable fact of life that we all must manage when building a race car. An ideal solution is adding a Zebulon designed and manufactured Front Splitter to counteract lift and generate downforce on the front end of the car. This downforce increases the grip force your tires can generate - both in braking and cornering - increasing your car's overall performance level.

Bosch 145 PSI Fluid Pressure and Temperature Sensor

Bosch 145 PSI Fluid Pressure and Temperature Sensor Includes: Includes: Matching plug and pins, M10 x 1.0 to 1/8NPT adaptor. Notes: Used to measure fluid pressure and temperature Pressure Range 0-145 PSI Temperature Range -40 to 140 Deg C Supplied with adaptor to convert M10x 1.0 thread to 1/8NPT

Flex Fit, Black with small white ASM lettering, off-center. Mesh back.


Flex Fit, Black with small white ASM lettering, off-center. Solid back.


Flex Fit, Blue with small white ASM lettering, off-center. Solid back.