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ASM Special Edition K Series Valve Cover - Wrinkle Black

ONLY AVAILABLE WITH PURCHASE OF COMPLETE ASM KSWAP ENGINE PACKAGE OEM Honda K series Valve Cover. 100% stock and unmodified. Highly durable wrinkle black coating. Laser Etched ASM Logo

BMW DCT Controller Electronics Kit

This DCT Wiring kit saves you hours of hassle with wiring and soldering. Uses a 26pin connector for trans already wired to your GCU Connector. Also includes flying leads for your ECU, paddles, keypad, and power. Includes 4button BlinkMarine CANbus keypad with PRND inserts and configured to work with HTG GCU. DomiWorks PCB NOT Included (Highly Recommended)

BMW DCT Mechatronics preparation

Not ready for the intricate soldering required to prep your BMW mechatronics unit for your swap, let us handle that job for you. We can take your BMW DCT and prep the internal electronics for control with the HTG GCU. Don't have a transmission yet? Give us a call and we can help source the right trans for your application.

Clutch Masters Steel K2F Flywheel

Clutch Masters Steel K Swap Flywheel designed to work with the adapter plate and a K series engine to S2 transmission. We strongly recommend the steel flywheel over the aluminum on K24's that are spending a lot of time in the higher RPM's. The long stroke of an inline 4 produce some intense harmonics that can result in transmitting those harmonics into your clutch, or even worse, cause loose/broken flywheel bolts. DO NOT USE your S2000 flywheel bolts. They are too long and will bottom out before properly fastening. We sell the correct bolts.

Copse 6pt FIA 8853:2016 Harness - 2" - Snap Hook or Bolt-In, Pull-Down

LifeLine's NEW Copse Motorsport Harness. 6point, 2inch, pull-down straps. FIA 8853-2016

DIY Starter Pack S2000 K-Swap base kit.

This kit includes the basic parts you'll need to start your S2000 K20/24 swap process. Includes- Hasport K swap Engine Mounts K series engine to F series Transmission Adapter Plate ClutchMaster Steel Flywheel (We can do aluminum for cheaper but STRONGLY recommend steel) OEM Honda Flywheel Bolts (These are older B series flywheel bolts, DO NOT USE S2 Flywheel bolts with the CM flywheel)

DomiWorks BMW DCT PCB kit

DomiWorks PCB's for your BMW 7sp DCT Mechatronics Make the modification easier and more reliable, no splices required. The board comes with pre-installed resistors so no need to add them in your harness. Includes wires for the internal modification.