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DomiWorks Engineering DCT Wiring Kit

The DomiWorks Engineering DCT Wiring Kit is a wiring kit especially developed for the BMW Getrag DCT Gearbox and HTG-Tuning GCU. This kit is hand built inhouse at DomiWorks Engineering, its made out of high end genuine motorsport graded goods and concentric twisted for a premium thin and light experience. Made with the correct DMC crimpers and tools. A selection of components in our harnesses is : - Spec55 Wires - DR-25 heat shrink tube - Deutsch Autosport connectors

DomiWorks Universal Paddle Shift Kit DCT/8HP/PDK

DomiWorks Ultra-low-profile shifter reaching only 19mm high. A billet CNC housing of high graded aluminum features our in-house developed microswitch board using an OEM microswitch specifically designed for applications like these. Microswitch is IP67 rated and expected life cycle is one million (1000000) cycles.

Honda 21103-PCY-003 Guide, Release Bearing

Is your clutch pedal feeling a little funny? This could be your issue. If left ungreased (or using the wrong grease) the clutch release bearing will wear at this guide. If you've got 150+ miles on your S2000, you may want to just replace this if you're already pulling the trans for a new clutch.

DomiWorks BMW DCT PCB kit

DomiWorks PCB's for your BMW 7sp DCT Mechatronics Make the modification easier and more reliable, no splices required. The board comes with pre-installed resistors so no need to add them in your harness. Includes wires for the internal modification.