Zebulon Carbon Fiber Modular Diffuser Tunnel, Pair.

Manufacturer: Zebulon
SKU: ZEB-Diffuser
ZEBULON CARBON FIBER MODULAR SPLITTER DIFFUSER SET Bare Carbon. [Clear version available, +$100]
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The Zebulon Carbon Fiber Modular Diffuser Tunnels were designed through extensive CFD and empirical testing, and are a fantastic and functional addition to your vehicle's aerodynamic package. They can be added to your existing front splitter or incorporated into any of our available designs. They are sold in pairs as a universal application and will come as shown with no mounting holes nor hardware. At full width these measure around 14" and can be narrowed down to about 7" wide. 

Splitters owe their namesake to how they function; they effectively "split" the air that the car is traveling through. Some travels over the splitter, and some travels under it. This divorced flow then travels slowly over the top of the splitter and quickly underneath it, which creates a pressure differential on the splitter.  We take this one step farther with a special profile to maximize this difference; It is this pressure differential that creates a downward load, or downforce! All that science is designed specifically to do one thing: help you go faster on track. 

All Zebulon front splitters start with a lightweight foam core cut in-house on our large format CNC machine to maintain the profiles designed into each splitter. After adding internal support structures and mounting hard points, our team hand lays multiple layers of carbon fiber fabric to create a lightweight composite structure with up to 45,000 Psi of tensile and flexural strength (ASTM D790). Our finely tuned proprietary manufacturing process results in a component that is incredibly stiff and strong while being as light as possible. A standard width splitter weighs in at approximately 6-7lbs while being able to withstand over 1500lbs of downforce production with only four mounting points. That's right, no more exposed strut rods, cables, or mounting to your bumper cover!

  • This is a universal component that will require a custom mounting solution
  • We can install into your splitter for an install fee
  • 4 inches tall at the trailing edge
  • 15 inches long