SALE- WF Anti-Vib DBW Adapter KIT - KPower to Bosch

SKU: WF-AntiVib-KP-Bosch
SALE through June 30th. Winning Formula DBW Anti-Vibration Kit for KPower Intake manifold to Bosch 70mm DBW Throttle Body. K24's are one of the worst engines for vibrations and harmonics, esp when exceeding 7500rpm's. Those vibrations get sent into the DBW and cause all sorts of issues. From mismatched TPS readings to the gears stripping. The boys at Winning Formula have developed and vigorously tested these and are proven to fix all the DBW issues. Kit includes: Intake and throttle body adapters Silicone coupler Hose clamps (QTY.2) Associated hardware with anti-vibration washers O-rings
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