JDM K24 longblock, Prepped and ready!

SKU: BasicK24
Here by popular demand- Imported JDM K24 "high compression" engine prepped and ready for your K-Swap. Every engine is gone through, stripped of the useless JDM accessories, then we perform the Type S Oil Pump Conversion and install 50* VTC Cam gear. While doing this we thoroughly inspect these imported/used engines for any signs of wear/damage to ensure you are not getting a dud. We then seal it all up with a Unit2 Baffled steel oil pan, install a brand new OEM Honda USDM Water pump housing, and toss in some fresh NGK Spark Plugs.
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What you get:

JDM K24a (RBB2/3/4, High Comp Engine)

RSX Type S Oil Pump Conversion.

RBC 50* VTC Cam Gear.

Fresh set of NGK Spark Plugs

OEM Honda K24 USDM Water Pump housing.

Unit2 Baffled steel oil pan.

Fully assembled longblock, from oil pan to valve cover. 

Some of the parts this engine does NOT include:
Intake Manifold
Exhaust Manifold
Fuel Rail
Auto tensioner or idler pulley
Power Steering Pump

If you need any of the above, please feel free to email us and we'll be happy to set you up with what you need.  


Freight NOT included, and will be billed once engine is ready to ship.  Typically $250-400.