S2000 APR Widebody Kit - NEW

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Brand new APR S2-GT Widebody Kit for Honda S2000.
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The S2-GT Widebody Aerodynamic Kit for the Honda S2000 brings the performance of a grand touring racecar to the street. This aerodynamic kit increases +45mm per front fender and +50mm per rear fender.

To enhance stability, the S2-GT Widebody Aerodynamic Kit includes a carbon fiber front wind splitter that is designed as a front undertray. 

The Kit Includes:

  • Widebody Front Bumper
  • Carbon Fiber Wind Splitter/Undertray
  • Widebody Front Fenders (45mm)
  • Widebody Side Skirt
  • Widebody Rear Fenders and Gas Door (50mm)
  • Widebody Rear Bumper