RyWire K-Series Rear Wheel Drive Engine Harness, Milspec

Rywire 02-04 K-Series RWD Mil-Spec Eng Harness w/02-04 Wiring/K-Pro ECU/S2K Trans/K-Series TB/Intake To complete your Kswap wiring, you'll need to use the Rywire specific chassis jumper.
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• VTEC solenoid• Knock Sensor (KS)
(Default 02-04 K20 style)
• H2o sending unit
(For gauge cluster)
• VTC• Intake Air Temperature (IAT)• Reverse Lights
(Default S2000 Reverse Lights)
• Oil Pressure Sending Unit• Alternator• Primary AFR o2 Sensor
• Crank Sensor (CKP)
( Default 02-04 K20 style)
• Manifold Air Pressure (MAP)
(Default B-Series)
• Starter signal
• Coils 1-4• Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
(Default B-Series)
• ECU plugs A, B and E
• Cam (CPS) Exhaust Side• Idle Control Motor• Power Distribution Cap
• Cam Intake Side• Electronic speed sensor (VSS)
(Default S2000 Speed Sensor)
• Ground
• Engine Coolant Temp
(ECT) (02-04 K20 Style)
• Injectors 1-4
( Default 02-04 K20)
• 6 Extra Wires
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