RWD K Series Rear Coolant Housing - K24/20z3 RBB style

RWD K Series Rear Coolant Housing - K24/20z3 RBB style
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Precision Works K Series Upper Coolant Housing - Straight Inlet Hose Fitting

Fitment Applications:
  • K20Z3
  • Most K24 heads (Excluding K24A1 K24Z K24Y)
Key Features:
  • Provide greater clearance for sidewinder turbo manifolds.
  • The hose outlet on the housing pivots slightly, allowing approximately 15 degrees of angle adjustment. 
  • Available with optional filler neck that can be used to relocate the radiator cap to a higher point on the engine itself.
  • The new location is the highest point of the cooling system and allows air pockets to easily escape during the coolant bleeding process.
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