Remote Coaching

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Remote Coaching is for the driver seeking growth and improvement over a season without the cost of bringing a coach to the track with you. It takes time and practice to improve; set yourself up for success with a resource to have before and after every event you run with professional remote coaching for a whole season. Remote Coaching means the driver coach is not at the track with you, but through a series of events, you'll work with a coach on event prep, track knowledge, mindset and developing an event game plan, and learning to break habits to become a better driver. Multi-day events (i.e., a Saturday-Sunday track day weekend) count as one (1) event. Please contact us through the website to arrange Remote Coaching details before purchase.

Select the number of events you plan on running in one calendar year. Two-day events (i.e., a race weekend, or Saturday-Sunday track day) count as one (1) event. 

Before each event, work with Tom O'Gorman to prepare yourself for the track.

Depending on availability, meet with Tom during your event weekend. 

Then, after each event, download with Tom to review the event using data and video as a resource. 

As you progress through the season, you'll work with Tom on driving habits, improving your techniques, and grow as a driver from event to event. 

$200 per event.

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