Radium Fuel Pressure Regulator w/4-Bar (58psi) Bosch Regulator

SKU: rad20-0010-01
Radium Fuel pressure Regulator, using an OEM Bosch FPR top. Includes 2 high pressure ports and one return. 6an Fittings included.
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The universal Radium Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR) is built around an OEM Bosch regulator top. These Bosch regulator units are the same found on millions of OEM vehicles from Audi and VW to Ford so the build quality is extremely high. The extremely compact billet aluminum housing provides a convenient package for plumbing and mounting. The regulator body is held in the housing with a stainless steel snap ring and it can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement using a pair of snap-ring pliers. The Bosch regulator tops are vacuum referenced with a 1:1 ratio. As intake manifold pressure changes, the fuel pressure changes at the same rate. Or if the vacuum reference is removed a constant static fuel pressure can be achieved. The compact housing is equipped with an integrated machined -6AN flare fitting for the return port. This reduces the number of fittings required and eliminates a possible leak point. Each regulator body is laser etched and anodized for a superior finish.

* Billet 6061 Aluminum Housing
* 6AN Male O-ring Adapter Fitting
* 9/16-18 O-ring Plug Fitting
* 1/8-27 NPT Port Plug
* Integrated -6AN Male Return Port
* Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
* Stainless Steel Snap Retaining Ring
* Anodized Aluminum Mounting Bracket

There are aftermarket adjustable regulator tops that will snap into the Radium billet housing. Also, there are unique non adjustable Bosch variations that are available, such as 3.5 Bar. If one of these is required, select Radium 20-0014. This option includes everything needed with the except of the regulator top.

Radium provides 2 different GENUINE Bosch regulator tops: 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) static and 4.0 Bar (58.2 psi) static. NOTE: The exact min, static, and max pressures are influenced by the flow rate of the fuel pump being used. Radium FPRs are tested using a common high flowing Walbro 255lph pump. If a significantly higher flowing pump is used, the minimum pressure ratings may be higher than what is advertised.