Modified 06+ F series Intake Manifold for Kswap

SKU: used_06S2Intake
06+ S2000 Intake Manifold, already modified to work with the K2F Intake Manifold Adapter. Save yourself the headache of cutting and modifying your intake and just buy this. Ready to ship!
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The Level-1 DIY K24 package. We start with the JDM high comp RBB K24 engine, swap in the PRB Type S Oil pump and RBC 50* VTC Gear. Beyond that, the engine is all left stock. This package comes with the engine prepped and ready for you to finish a few things. We include the intake manifold adapter to allow use of the OEM S2 intake manifold (Some modifications are required; instructions will be provided). With this you can now utilize all your OEM parts that attach to the intake manifold (Fuel rail, injectors, FPR, IAC, IAT, Throttle Body, TPS, MAP). On the exhaust side, we include a new K Series flange. This requires cutting off the F flange on your OEM header, re-clocking the two inner runners just a few degrees, and welding it all together. (or use our F2K header exchange service)

ASM Modified OEM S2 KSwap Header

Using Honda's well engineered F Series header, we cut off the F series flange and adapt the header to a K Series flange. This is by far our favorite option when K Swapping your S2000. The OEM Header is built extremely well, double wall for best heat management, never cracks, and just fits like an OEM part. Requires a good Core.