KMiata RWD K Series Intake Manifold, RBB

Manufacturer: KMiata
KPower / K-Miata RWD Cast Intake Manifold Fits RBB Style Cylinder Head Throttle body flange- B Series (2000-2005 S2000 flange).
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KPower / K-Miata RWD Cast Intake Manifold Specs-

  • Forward facing throttle body location specifically for RWD vehicles
  • Built from A356-T6 heat treated aluminum to provide extreme durability
  • Three liter plenum provides sufficient volume for both stock and built engines
  • Comparable top end power with increased mid range torque compared to the Skunk2 Ultra Street
  • 74mm inlet that accepts a B series throttle body
  • K series MAP sensor port provides simplified wiring and tuning
  • K series idle air control valve (IACV) port provides a factory idle at all temperatures, and is perfectly positioned to connect to an OEM engine harness without modification.
  • Improved fitment in a RWD engine bay on all sides: sufficient clearance for the stock K series belt tensioner and idler pulley, and a higher plenum height to provide easy access to bolts and wiring below
  • Built-in throttle cable bracket mount

Best used with OEM intake manifold gasket.

Setup to use an idle air control (IACV) from a 2003-2005 Accord or 2003-2006 Element.  For track cars (or any cars spending time in the higher RPM's) we recommending blocking this off.  We've experienced many IACV's vibrate apart.  We offer an option to weld a plate over the IACV.  Contact us for this service.

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