Karcepts S2000 Front Sway Bar kit, 1.25in Bar

The only sway bar you need for your S2000. In almost every case, the S2000 needs a stiffer front sway bar.
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Designed specifically for track/autocross use, the Karcepts S2000 Front Sway Bar Kit offers zero compromises.

  • Sway bar rate is adjusted with one wrench, in only a few minutes
  • Rate adjustments are made with the vehicle on the ground, even at low ride heights
  • 11 possible adjustment settings, maximizing tunability and overall range
  • Billet aluminum arms optimized for strength and weight utilizing the latest FEA software
  • Light weight, zero deflection solid sway bar mounts provided for precise feel
  • Low friction, self-lubricating, solid polymer bearings eliminate bushing bind
  • Heat treated and plated steel alloy PTFE lined endlinks and all hardware included
  • Splined 1.25" diameter x 0.75” gun drilled spring steel sway bar center section
  • Center section available in 1.14" turn down and 1.25” (no turn down)

View the installation instructions for any potential install/fitment questions you may have: Karcepts S2000 Front Sway Bar Kit Installation Instructions

Sway Bar Rates:

OE S2000 Front Sway Bars:
2000-2001 = 393 lbs/in
2002-2007 = 300 lbs/in
2008-2009 = 354 lbs/in
2008-2009 CR = 392 lbs/in

Karcepts S2000 Front Sway Bar Kit - 1.14":
Hole 1/1 = 590 lbs/in
Hole 1/2 = 624 lbs/in
Hole 2/2 = 658 lbs/in
Hole 2/3 = 700 lbs/in
Hole 3/3 = 741 lbs/in
Hole 3/4 = 790 lbs/in
Hole 4/4 = 839 lbs/in
Hole 4/5 = 895 lbs/in
Hole 5/5 = 950 lbs/in
Hole 5/6 = 1011 lbs/in
Hole 6/6 = 1072 lbs/in
Kit Weight = X.X lbs

Karcepts S2000 Front Sway Bar Kit - 1.25":
Hole 1/1 = 755 lbs/in
Hole 1/2 = 799 lbs/in
Hole 2/2 = 842 lbs/in
Hole 2/3 = 895 lbs/in
Hole 3/3 = 947 lbs/in
Hole 3/4 = 1010 lbs/in
Hole 4/4 = 1072 lbs/in
Hole 4/5 = 1144 lbs/in
Hole 5/5 = 1215 lbs/in
Hole 5/6 = 1293 lbs/in
Hole 6/6 = 1370 lbs/in
Kit Weight = 16.2 lbs

S2000 Front Sway Bar Center Section Recommendations:
1.14": staggered tire and wheel setups
1.25": square tire and wheel setups

Through new manufacturing techniques and tons of real-world testing, Karcepts has simplified the center section offerings for the S2000 chassis. Previously we had offered uniformly tubular center sections with differing wall thicknesses. These were industry standard material offerings that gave us the rates they gave, but were not completely ideal. We are now manufacturing center sections starting as a 1.25” O.D. x 0.75” gun drilled (0.250” wall thickness) bar, and then turning down the middle portion to achieve more targeted sway bar rates. Our prior 0.120" wall bar was a bit too soft of a range for most, and the 0.188" was only 1 hole adjustment off on each arm in comparison to the most popular 0.250" wall bar. These prior 0.120" and 0.188" wall bars have now been replaced by a hybrid 1.14" turned down bar (it still has 1.25" O.D. ends, but the middle of the bar is smaller O.D. to get a better range of rates).

Note: Brake line mounting brackets, remote reservoir lines, nitrogen fill connections, and any other potential obstructions mounted inboard of the shock body may prohibit the quick adjustment feature of this sway bar kit. OE shocks, Koni Sport shocks, and any other shocks with OE style brake line mounting brackets can still retain quick adjustment functionality when swapping the left shock to the right side, and vice versa (effectively eliminating the interference without having to grind off the brake line brackets completely). Please consult us before purchasing if you have any concerns with achieving quick adjustment for your application.

Confirmed quick adjustment with the following dampers: MCS 1WNR, MCS 2WNR, MCS 2W (w/ reservoir lines facing forward), MCS 3W (w/ reservoir lines facing forward), MCS 4W (w/ reservoir lines facing forward), Moton Clubsport (w/ reservoir lines facing forward), Koni 3011 (w/ nitrogen fill connections facing outward), JRZ RS One, JRZ RS Two, JRZ RS Pro (w/ reservoir lines facing outward), Ohlins R&T/DFV (sway bar arm installation position may require adjustment), KW V3 & KW Clubsport (brake line brackets will need to be bent and sway bar arm installation position may require adjustment), Penske 8300, Koni Sport (w/ left and right shocks swapped), OE (w/ left and right shocks swapped)

Before purchasing a Karcepts Sway Bar Kit, we recommend all potential customers read our Sway Bar Disclaimer/Maintenance page as well as our Terms & Conditions.

Previously supplied, but now discontinued, tubular center section sway bar rates provided below for reference:

Karcepts S2000 Front Sway Bar Kit - 1.25" O.D. x 0.120" Wall:
Hole 1/1 = 497 lbs/in
Hole 1/2 = 526 lbs/in
Hole 2/2 = 555 lbs/in
Hole 2/3 = 590 lbs/in
Hole 3/3 = 624 lbs/in
Hole 3/4 = 666 lbs/in
Hole 4/4 = 707 lbs/in
Hole 4/5 = 754 lbs/in
Hole 5/5 = 801 lbs/in
Hole 5/6 = 852 lbs/in
Hole 6/6 = 903 lbs/in

Karcepts S2000 Front Sway Bar Kit - 1.25" O.D. x 0.188" Wall:
Hole 1/1 = 659 lbs/in
Hole 1/2 = 697 lbs/in
Hole 2/2 = 735 lbs/in
Hole 2/3 = 781 lbs/in
Hole 3/3 = 827 lbs/in
Hole 3/4 = 882 lbs/in
Hole 4/4 = 936 lbs/in
Hole 4/5 = 999 lbs/in
Hole 5/5 = 1061 lbs/in
Hole 5/6 = 1129 lbs/in
Hole 6/6 = 1196 lbs/in

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