ASM Honda K/F Series Setrab Engine Oil Cooler KIT

SKU: setrab_Honda_oilcooler
Putting your engine through 15+ minute track sessions? We strongly recommend adding an engine oil cooler. We've put together this kit from Setrab, and includes everything you need to help keep that engine running strong lap after lap. Includes- Setrab Billet Sandwich Plate w/Thermostat Setrab Series 6 Oil Cooler, 19Row. Setrab Series 6 Oil Cooler Mounting bracket kit. Setrab M22 to 10an Fittings (X4) Stainless Steel 10an Line, 2 4ft pieces.
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Built-in Thermostatic Oil Valve

Built to perform from street to track, the sūsa HyperFlow Billet Sandwich Adapter provides easy oil access for performance oil cooling.

Designed for performance, reliability, and integration with sūsa ProLine adapter fitting system.

CNC-machined billet aluminum body is polished and finished with durable anodizing. Both rugged and lightweight, it's built to deliver on-track performance and ready for any spirited road ahead.

  • Easily installs between oil filter and oil filter landing for oil cooler installation
  • CNC-machined billet aluminum construction with durable anodized finish
  • Quad-seal O-ring for positive seal against filter landing

sūsa's unique self-contained thermostatic oil valve with pressure-relief function provides automatic oil by-pass to minimize warmup time and offer convenience in any setting.

This sandwich-style oil filter adapter is engineered for the high-flow environment of a high-performance wet sump oiling system, easily adapting to –6, –8, –10 when used with sūsa ProLine M22 adapter fittings or direct-port hose ends (sold separately).

  • High-flow characteristics for high-performance wet-sump oiling systems
  • Thermostatic oil valve automatically closes by-pass, allowing oil to warm up to operating temperature before sending it to an oil cooler
  • sūsa ProLine M22 ports for plumbing versatility with ProLine fitting system