Hardwire Electronics PDM 28

Hardwire's all new PDM28, now with more power and versatility. A PDM (Power Distribution Module) is a device used to replace conventional relays and fuses in a vehicle electrical system. The Hardwire Electronics PDM takes inputs from physical switches, analogue voltages, or the CAN bus, and provides power as needed to different attached loads - such as radiator fans, lights or pumps. The current being drawn from each connected load is continuously monitored. If the measured current is too high due to a fault, the PDM switches off the respective output to prevent further damage to the wiring loom or the connected device. The PDM can then retry the output to see if the fault has cleared. Solid State technology ensures maximum reliability, without the drawbacks of conventional mechanical relay and fuse systems. Vibration, water and dirt are no longer a problem. Hardwire PDMs have been used in a range of applications - from drilling machines in ore mines, to top-spec drag race cars, to EV trucks, and even in industrial greenhouses to actuate ventilation windows. Allowing the user to configure the PDM to suit their own needs is one of its greatest strengths.
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  • General Features
    • Size: 318x124x58mm.
      Weight: 1640g.
    • Operating Voltage: 12/24V.
    • Operating Temperature: -55°C to 90°C (-67°F to 194°F).
    • Construction: Machined Aluminium, Media Blasted and Anodised Black.
    • IP Rating: IP67 water and dust resistant.
    • Connectors: 2x DTM 12-Pin, 2x DT 12-Pin, 1x DTP 4 Pin.
    • Quick Release Radlok Connectors.
    • Update Rate: Up to 2000Hz.
    • USB connection to a Windows PC. No external programmer is required. 
    • 50x RGB LED Indicators.
    • Free and easy to use configuration software. 
    • 9-Axis IMU


  • 4x High/Low side, reverse current blocking outputs capable of supplying 30A continuous and 100A Peak
  • 6x High/Low side, reverse current blocking outputs capable of supplying 20A continuous and 80A Peak
  • 18x High/Low side outputs capable of supplying 20A continuous and 80A Peak.
  • 200A combined output maximum current
  • Protection: Each output is overcurrent, overtemperature, load dump and reverse polarity protected.
  • Output Current Control Steps: 100mA (0.1A).
  • Output Current Measurement resolution: 3mA
  • Peak fuse and High fuse thresholds can be set to allow for inrush current. 
  • Trip Mode can be set to Instant (output trips immediately if the current exceeds the threshold) or Normal (acts like a normal physical fuse and allows short current spikes). 
  • Outputs can be configured to stay on for a specified time after the input is removed, useful for radiator fans or water pumps. 
  • Outputs can be retried multiple times after an over-current event is detected.
  • 1000Hz PWM on each output, with variable duty cycle mapping. 
  • Soft start on each output for smoother turn on of devices. 
  • Advanced logic functions can be made to control the output as desired. 


  • Each Output can be switched with a user defined logic. function, allowing for incredibly flexibility with control. 
  • Logical Operators: AND, OR, NOR, XOR, NAND, NOR, >, >=, <, <=, Equal, Not Equal.
  • Global Cut Off Function can be set to turn off every output at once in an emergency. 
  • Global Reset Function can be set to re-enable any tripped outputs in real-time. 
  • Generic Functions can be set to allow for more complicated nesting of functions. 

PDM28 Instruction Manual 

Products specifications
IP RatingIP67
CAN Bus EnabledYes
ConnectorsDeutsch DT 12-Pin
Number of Inputs16
Number of Outputs25
Number of CAN Bus Inputs15
Number of CAN Bus Outputs15
Maximum Output Current (Combined)180A
Maximum Output Current Per Output (Peak)80A
Maximum Output Current Per Output (Continuous)20A