Hardwire Electronics PDM 25 PLUS

SKU: HW-PDM-25-plus
The PDM25+ is our top of the line PDM, offering all the features of the PDM25 but with a few added features such as PWM for soft starts. The PDM25+ has the same 2 canbus networks for easy integration with other canbus enabled devices and can support a total of 180A of current in the electrical system. Use the canbus networks to trigger outputs in the PDM based on data streaming from the ECU or other canbus devices, then send canbus data from the PDM to your digital dash or datalogger to allow understand the current status of your car's electrical system. The PDM 25+ includes the Deutch connectors and pins to get set up and running. Contact us to have your PDM preconfigured before shipping.
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  • PDM25
  • 4x Deutch DT Connectors + contacts
  • USB memory stick with PDM software and instructions preloaded
  • USB Cable
  • M8 ring terminal & cover


  • Type:

    • 19 high side outputs 80A peak, 20A continuous.
    • 4 hybrid high/low side outputs 80A peak, 20A continuous.
    • 2 reverse current protected outputs, for use with wiper motors. 80A peak, 20A continuous

  • Combined: 180A combined output maximum current

  • Output Current Control Steps: 100mA (0.1A)

  • Protection: Each output is overcurrent, overtemperature, load dump and reverse polarity protected.

  • PWM: Each output can be Pulse Width Modulated based on a user defined variable. This can limit the speed of radiator fans, fuel pumps, and dim lights.

  • Soft Start: PWM soft start can be enabled on outputs to limit inrush current.

  • Added Features: Outputs can be configured to stay on for a specified time after the input is removed, useful for thermo-fans. Outputs can be retried multiple times after an over-current event is detected.

Products specifications
IP RatingIP67
CAN Bus EnabledYes
ConnectorsDeutsch DT 12-Pin
Number of Inputs16
Number of Outputs25
Number of CAN Bus Inputs15
Number of CAN Bus Outputs15
Maximum Output Current (Combined)180A
Maximum Output Current Per Output (Peak)80A
Maximum Output Current Per Output (Continuous)20A
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