Flywheel Bolts, OEM Honda

SKU: F2K-Flywheel-Bolts
These are the correct OEM Flywheel bolts to be used with the Clutchmaster adapter flywheel. Includes set of 8 bolts.
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Someone did not measure when they made the flywheels.  The stock S2 flywheel bolts are a touch too long and bottom out inside the crankshaft.  The flywheel might seem tight, but if left alone, you will snap your flywheel bolts.  We've seen this happen a few times now.

These are the proper bolts to use when using the ClutchMaster F2K Flywheels.

Sold as a set of 8.

Also we will provide you with proper specs and instructions to minimize flywheel bolts loosening.

Even when using all correct hardware, we’ve seen many flywheels come loose and sheer bolts.  The K24 engines at high rpm will produce some violent harmonics.  If you start to feel some additional vibrations and difficulty shifting, STOP right away and check your flywheel bolts.  If caught soon enough, you’ll save yourself LOTS of time(and money) in repairs.  For this reason, we highly recommend using a steel flywheel for track use.

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