F2K Swap Level-2 Engine Package

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SKU: F2K-Stage2
Level- 2- This solution is more complete and ready to install in the car. Essentially all the same as stage 1, but instead of the F series intake manifold, we use the KPower manifold, Skunk2 throttle body, and use K-series fuel rail/injectors. We also include the fuel lines, adapters, and FPR needed to go along with this. Does not include engine wiring.
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What you get-

JDM Used K24 Engine (RBB high comp engine, equivalent to the K24a2)
PRB Type S Oil Pump conversion
Unit2 baffled oil pan
50* VTC Cam gear
Hasport Engine Mounts
K series engine to F series Transmission Adapter Plate
ClutchMaster Steel Flywheel and new OEM Honda bolts
New OEM USDM Water Pump housing conversion
Modified heater hose pipe (or heater block off, please specify)
Rear Coolant housing
NEW OEM HONDA Alternator (NEW, NOT Remanufactured)
PLM Kswap S2 Exhaust Header
New NGK Spark Plugs

Level-2 Additions-
KPower Intake Manifold, modified for S2000 w/IAC BlockOff.
Skunk2 Alpha 70mm Throttle Body
Aeromotive FPR, ALL adapters, Lines, and Fittings (EVERYTHING needed).
Accessory belt & Auto Tensioner and EP3 pulley

Parts you'll need to reuse from your F series motor-
Clutch assembly.  (We highly recommend using OEM Honda Clutch discs and ACT pressure plate for n/a k24 swaps)
TPS Sensor

Does NOT include engine wiring.

Shipping will be paid separately.  Typical shipping costs will be $250-500.

F22 vs K24