F2K Swap Stage1 Engine Package

SKU: F2K-Stage1
Stage 1 K24 swap into your S2000. This kit works best for 2000-2005 S2000's. (For 06+ we recommend the next level package) NO Wiring/ECU Included. You will need to reuse you stock S2000: Intake manifold (requires modifications) Throttle Body Fuel system (rail, injectors, lines) Sensors- IAC, MAP, TPS, IAT Typical time to ship entire package is about 2 weeks.
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It can be a big puzzle to swap in a K24 into your S2000.  This will make things easy (saving you time and money) getting you the right parts the first time.  Many of these aftermarket parts don't fit or work the best together unless modified slightly.  Having done several of these swaps, we've learned how to make all these parts work better with each other, (and again, saving you time/money).

Typical power output- 210-212whp, 165-175wtq

What you get-

JDM Used K24 Engine (RBB high comp engine, equivalent to the K24a2)
PRB Type S Oil Pump conversion
Unit2 baffled oil pan
50* VTC Cam gear
Hasport Engine Mounts
K series engine to F series Transmission Adapter Plate
ClutchMaster Steel Flywheel and new OEM Honda bolts
New OEM USDM Water Pump housing conversion
Modified heater hose pipe
Rear Coolant housing
New DENSO Reman Alternator
PLM Kswap S2 Exhaust Header

Parts you'll need to reuse from your F series motor-
Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
Fuel rail/regulator
All sensors on your intake manifold (MAP, TPS, IAT, IACV)
Clutch assembly.  (We highly recommend using OEM Honda Clutch on n/a setups)

Shipping will be paid separately.  Typical shipping costs will be $200-400.

Comparison between a full bolt on and tuned AP2 S2000 and a tuned K24 swapped S2000-

F22 vs K24