BMW DCT Controller Electronics Kit

Sorry - this product is no longer available

This DCT Wiring kit saves you hours of hassle with wiring and soldering. Uses a 26pin connector for trans already wired to your GCU Connector. Also includes flying leads for your ECU, paddles, keypad, and power. Includes 4button BlinkMarine CANbus keypad with PRND inserts and configured to work with HTG GCU. DomiWorks PCB NOT Included (Highly Recommended)
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This kit includes:

  • GCU Connector fully wired to transmission interconnector
  • Flying lead harness for internal wiring to mechatronics
  • 4 Button Keypad prewired and configured to GCU Harness
  • GCU configuration information for 4button Keypad

With this kit you will have everything you need to start control your rewired DCT.

Manual Shift Paddles NOT included.

For easier wiring, use the DomiWorks PCB.


Flying leads for-

12v power
12v Ign power
CAN1 (For engine ECU)
CAN2 (For Keypad)
Paddles (upshift/downshift/SensorGround)
Analog outputs- BLIP & SHIFTCUT
Analog input- BRAKE LIGHT.

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