ASMxFDF Reinforced Rear Spindles, PAIR

SKU: S2_ASMxFDF_RearSpindle
Are your rear spindles original? Do you track your S2 often? Do you like to hop curbs? If you answered yes to any of those, you need these. We've worked with FDF (who have been welding spindles for 10+ years) to reinforce the very fragile rear spindles. Sold as a pair, and can also press in new bearings/hubs at no additional labor charge.
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Pair of BRAND NEW OEM Honda AP2 rear spindles.  AP2 spindles will fit on your AP1.  The only significant difference between the two is the upper arm attatchment point is 3mm lower on the AP2.  

FDF Tig welded & sand cooled reinforcment gussets.  

Real track stress testing, we've yet to break one of these.  

For best pairing- we'd recommend new Timken bearings, Karcepts billet hubs, and some ARP studs.