Reinharte Racing R1 Coilover System - S2000 - ASM Spec [In Stock Ready to Ship]

Manufacturer: Reinharte
Through thousands of laps, we’ve worked with Reinharte Suspension to develop a track proven coil-over package at a very affordable price.
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Not just another coilover.  Through extensive testing, we've worked with Reinharte (Located here in Chicago IL) to build a coilover package the delivers results.  A very affordable package thats already fine tuned and ready to go out of the box.

Single rebound adjustability allows for some adjustment, but reduced the complexity of milti-way adjustable suspension.

ASM-Spec Valving

Default spring rates are set to match a 2800-3000 total weight S2000 (with Driver) using a high grip street tire (100-200TW type tire)

Ride heights and alignment specs will be provided upon purchase.

Disounted install options avalible.  Contact us.