ASM Service- Modified S2000 Engine Harness for K20/24 to AEM Infinity or Haltech Elite.

SKU: ASM_F2K_EngineHarnessService
Looking for the easy button? This is it. Send us your stock S2000 Engine harness and we'll convert it to run a K series with an AEM Infinity or a Haltech Elite 1500. No jumpers, no adapters. Typical turn around time is 2-3 weeks. Email us for more info/questions.
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Price includes a startup map with input/outputs configured.  You'll have working coolant temp gauge, AC, Check Engine Light, along with all the stock K series engine sensors setup and working.  Price does not include the ECU Connector(s).  Extra sensors can be added in for additional cost.

Additional sensors that can be added in-


Oil Pressure

Oil Temp

Fuel Pressure

Intake Air temp

Flex Sensor