ASM Modified OEM S2000 Intake Manifold EXCHANGE

SKU: ASM_F2K_Intake
Requires a good core manifold to be sent in. Ready to ship S2000 intake manifold cut & modified to work with a K-series motor. This will also require an intake manifold adapter plate; sold separately. No sensors, fittings, or hoses included.
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This is our prefered way of K-Swapping your S2000.  Retain all your original fuel rail/injectors/FPR along with your Air Temp Sensor, Idle Valve, Throttle Body (TPS and MAP).   Port out the throttle body and install a 70mm Skunk Throttle Body for maximum power.  

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Using Honda's well engineered F Series header, we cut off the F series flange and adapt the header to a K Series flange. This is by far our favorite option when K Swapping your S2000. The OEM Header is built extremely well, double wall for best heat management, never cracks, and just fits like an OEM part. Requires a good Core.