AIM SmartyCam 3 SPORT, 67* Camera system

SKU: SmartCam3-67
Simply the best automated camera system you can put in your race car for this price point. Pair this with your AIM Solo or dash and have fully automatic instant video with data overlay. No software editing, no charging batteries, no record button. Everything just happens for you! This paired with an AIM PDM+Dash Kit and you're fully set! AND Now in Full HD image 1920 x 1080 resolution, at 30 fps!
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Video format
H.264 1,920x1,080 pixels @ 30 fps
 Display resolution
128x128 pixels
Low distortion camera lens
 CMOS Sensor
Global shutter
 Field of view
67° or 84°
 External power
9-15 V
 Supported MicroSD Card (not included)
Up to 2TB
1 Binder 712 female
 Working temperature range
 Auto Power ON
 Auto Power OFF
 Auto Start/Stop Recording
Coated aluminum
79.9x54x46.5 mm
200 g, battery included