AEM 5 Series Infinity-6/8h Mini-Harness. Pre-wired power, grounds, power relay, fuse box, single wideband & AEMnet.

SKU: aem30-3705
Want to make your own engine harness? Here's a head start. Flying lead harness pre-wired with power/grounds, Wideband, AEMnet, and ECU Connector kit.
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Flying lead bundle Wires are ink stamped with descriptions as follows:

BATT GND Connect directly to battery negative

BATT PWR Connect directly to battery positive

Sensor GND Connect to low reference (GND) of 5V analog sensors

SWT PWR Ignition switch input.

5V REF Connect to high reference (5V PWR) of 5V analog sensors

ACC PWR Option for powering accessory relays

INJ PWR Fused 12V power for injectors

IGN PWR Fused 12V power for coils